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  • Portal for News from Nepal

    This new website looks promising. नेपाली समाचार श्रोतका समाचारहरूलाई एकै ठाँउमा नियाल्न: Mobile device friendly. Fast. News Aggregation. News from Nepal. नेपालको समाचार, छिटो, छरितो, एकै ठाँउमा धेरै श्रोतको समिक्षा। Most news websites from Nepal low awfully slow most of the time. This site is very interesting as it loads very fast, shows the…

  • Welcome back

    Finally got my website online after a very long break. Thanks for visiting the site. Please leave your comments and suggestions. More contents will come gradually as I get more time to update it.

  • Happy New Year 2010

    Happy New Year 2010 to everyone!